Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Colour Pop Cosmetics Haul | NEW Matte Shades! | Elizabeth Martinez

Hello, You beautiful Souls!

Sorry for the delay but I really wanted to wait until I got these to make a post about something I was REALLLYYYY excited about!
So here it is.
Colourpop Cosmetics, a Makeup brand based in LA whose products only cost FIVE DOLLARS. Recently came out with a new line of Matte Shadows. Up until last month The only shadows they carried were shimmers and metallics.
So naturally, when I heard that they were launching mattes I could barely control myself... one thing led to another and before I knew it I got an e-mailed receipt confirming my order.
This order would have come out to be $35 but when you sign up for their newsletter they send you an e-coupon for $5 off! So really it was like getting one for free so whatever you do, don't forget to sign up!!

I got a little scared when I opened the box because it looked like all of the shades were similar but thankfully when swatched they are COMPLETELY different. You'll see.

The formulation is out of this world and trust me your mind will be blown when you first touch them. These are the creamiest matte shadows I have ever played with. Yes, I said Creamy. AND, once the shadows set on your skin they literally don't move!

I have been sweeping my finger up and down the arm where all the swatches are (rather harshly) to see if the colors will budge, but I promise you that they have not.

I'll post a video tomorrow to actually show you but I have to say, I am really impressed.
Dare I say... but, I like these more than Urban Decay. Okay there I said it.

Here are individual pictures!
and Swatches!

Just wanted to mention really quick that I know that the fist swatch does not look very prominent but trust me, I tried to make it as noticeable as possible! You will never understand how much time and effort goes into shooting, and editing everything. So therefor, I apologize. Hope it doesn't stray you away from trying this AMAZING brand. I love supporting American Brands!

All my Love, xxx

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