Saturday, March 8, 2014

Here's to New Beginnings.

LiveLizLove's was initially created as a screen name that at the time I thought was quirky and fun. Yet as the days and months unfold I have come to realize that I am LiveLizLove.
This sort of thing happens when you overhear someone talking to another person and they refer to you as your so called 'screen name.'
LiveLizLove is a reminder to myself to not only Live my life but also Love and experience every second of it.
This is why I've made the decision to start fresh from this blog and not make it a primary focus just on fashion and beauty, because there are so many more things in this life that deserve to be shared.
Although, Fashion and Beauty will still be featured because that is also part of who I am, I have chosen to make this a 3 part blog, including a lifestyle section in which my life and events, and ideas, and anything random may appear.
I've put a lot of thought into the idea, and I hope that you enjoy the new Journey that I've chosen to go on.


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