Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Always Nice to Getaway| Bahamas

My friends, family, and I took a weekender cruise to The Bahamas this past weekend to get away from reality, troubles -life. It was exactly what I personally needed. I didn't think about college, or work, or the little hours I have in a day to do everything because for a weekend I just did not care at all. 
It was a holiday filled with laughs, non stop conversation, and 2 a.m. room service that I will miss dearly.
Going to SeƱor Frogs was by far the most exciting part of the trip, we would have stayed there all day if the ship didn't leave at 5:30. The sun was amazing and I managed to get a seem less glow that will last me a couple weeks until I can head on out to the beach again.
Small getaways make me realize that life might suck in our 9-5 jobs and in the middle of your research papers, but the moments spent away, and I mean really -away; make life suck a little less. 

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