Friday, May 16, 2014

New Hair & New Products | Why I decided to change

Hello, everyone! 

So recently, (yesterday) I decided to splurge and give my hair a new look; it was premeditated although I did end up changing my mind once the actual process had started which I'll explain more of in a few minutes. 
 The look that I intended to go for was sort of like an ombré, but instead of my hair going from dark at the top and straight to a lighter color I wanted it to have a few highlights at the top and then highlights all over my hair but starting mid length as if they'd already been grown out. The reason being- I wanted it to look natural. 
Originally I wanted it to be a light brown that would contrast well with my dark brown but after she had bleached my hair I kind of fell in love with the blonde and had her put in a honey/ dark blonde 'toner' (not color). 
So, I went from having this:

To having this:

Not the best quality picture but it takes the point across/ I spent 7 hours in the hair salon and I was EXHAUSTED.
But, extremely satisfied.
I wanted to go lighter for spring and summer without changing my base color and she managed to do that for me which I am undoubtedly thankful for. 

Spending so much money on hair is a big deal for me and I want it to look as healthy as possible with the new change that has been made to it. Unfortunately, bleaching my hair strips the moisture from it's cuticle so instead of focusing on products that preserved my color I decided to invest on higher end products that would lock in moisture. 

Some of the products that I chose are old favorites for example the Biosilk - Silk Therapy Conditioner and the original Silk Therapy. 
The 12 fl. oz. Conditioner was $9.99
& the 2.26 fl. oz. Silk Therapy was $10.99. | the reason the little bottle is so expensive is because this stuff is seriously gold in a bottle. It can give the driest hair, the shiniest appearance without looking oily! 

Two new products I purchased were the Nexxus Therappe* Ultimate Moisture Shampoo and the Rush Sensories Moist Treatment.
The Nexxus shampoo was $5.19 & Rush treatment was $14.99 | I'm excited to try both of these and see what they can do for my hair; I've heard nothing but amazing things about the Shampoo and I'm hoping that the treatment leaves a positive lasting impression! 

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