Sunday, April 13, 2014

Recent Goodies + Info on Massive Body Shop Sale

Hello everyone :)  so recently my sister in law came to the states for a visit from England and she brought along some great products for me to try out from her at home The Body Shop Business (how cool!)
As per usual the first thing that I do with any product is smell it and oh my God these smell amazing! The White Musk Shower Gel that I've actually tried in the past is great for nights out because it's subtle enough to not overwhelm you with its scent which has a hint of rose in it, yet strong enough to last you all night.
The Almond Shower Gel and Body Butter are both very new to me, when I first received them I was not expecting them to smell or feel the way they did, the body butter is incredibly soft and the cherry smell that this duo has is phenomenal. I can already see myself caking both of these on during the hot summer months when I really want to smell good even throughout the heat!
Another neat thing that I found about all of these products was the fact that the company does not test on animals and uses 30% recycled plastic which is an outstanding thing to do!

The product that immediately captured my attention was the 5 pack of lip balms which let me tell you now- are AMAZING! They come in 5 different flavors/scent/whatever you call it which are Watermelon (my favorite), Clementine, StrawBerry, PassionBerry, and RaspBerry. These all gone pretty clear with the exception of the two darkest shades that go on a little bit darker.

The last product I received was this lipstick that I also tried on once before and fell in love with it, she was sweet enough to bring me one and I treasure it so much because there's no color like it (that I've seen) it's called Coral Cutie and normally I am not a fan of shiny lipsticks that leave a wet look so when my mother in law initially urged me to try it on but as soon as I did I fell in love because it does not leave a wet look AT ALL. It's just leaves a silky/ creamy finish that is Definetly not annoying to have on your lips all day. The formulation of these lipsticks are creamy and long wearing. And I am Definetly looking forward to trying some more!

If you're interested in trying any of these products The Body Shop is having a SITEWIDE sale on All of their Products of Buy 2 get 2 FREE or Buy 3 get 3 FREE! 
This is an amazing deal that is paired along with their permanent Free Shipping on orders over $50 so I would Definetly go and check them out before the sale ends! 

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  1. Great post! So sweet of you to refer to Lauren as your sister-in-law <3