Thursday, June 5, 2014

MAC Haul | June 2014

So a few days ago I found myself lounging in bed with a Laptop on my... Lap lol and I was forced to do some online shopping. I mean really, who spends the entire morning watching beauty videos and reading about reviews and DOESN'T cave in???

It's impossible for me, although I have been good for a longtime-Especially with MAC.
The last time I bought anything from MAC was a year ago about two weeks after my graduation, I went on a trip to Naples and found myself in a CCO. If you don't know what that is it's basically where you get high end makeup for a bit cheaper due to there being too many at the local store or Limited edition collections didn't sell that well. Anyway point is I spent around $120 and bought A LOT of stuff so I didn't really find the need to until recently.

I do have a lot of eye shadows and lipsticks but I find that the ones that I go for the most are MAC. Not because I intend to just because I feel like they finish off my look better than others.

Surprisingly though I found a semi empty MAC quad the other day (the day I was peer pressured to buy more) and I had completely forgotten about it. They were the first MAC products I had ever purchased about 3 years ago a long with the limited edition Wonder Woman Blue palette and I just buried them and never really played with it.

So, I decided to start filling it up slowly with another shade that is equally as beautiful and make it into a customized  "shimmer" palette which you will see down below. (Excuse the extremely old packaging... I did tell you it was buried)

The new Color I bought was the green shade called "Swimming" and the one that was previously owned is called "Trax".

Along with wanting to grow my MAC eye shadow collection I also wanted to grow my Lip Collection and these two products I had been eyeing for a verrrrry long time. "Heroine" lipstick and "Whirl" lipliner- which is said to be what Kylie Jenner wears on her lips and we all know we want lips that look like they were sculpted by God himself, so I caved.
P.S- You can tell I was really excited about getting these in the mail because My lipstick still had sweat around it from being inside the delivery truck.

And lastly, I couldn't possibly buy anything without taking a peek at the Kelly Osbourne collection and the only thing that really caught my eye was the brow duo in "Morning Mister Magpie" because the colors were perfect for my brows BUT I could also use them as eye shadows if i'm running short on time and need something quick to take with me and use on-the-go.
One down fall that I will say is that the packaging reminds me of the plastic they used to use on Barbie things like her bags and shoes- I know weird comparison but it's nearly impossible to open and I don't recommend doing so with freshly painted nails. Maybe it's just mine and other than that I am extremely pleased :)

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