Sunday, July 20, 2014

Everyday Work Makeup-Look | Tutorial

First off, this is technically my first time showing my bare face to a wide audience- so stay with me I know it's scary, But I wanted to show you all a step by step picture, makeup, tutorial- type of thing about my REALISTIC everyday workday makeup.
Yes I do realize that I did not use a primer or a setting powder because it's really easy to forget when you're rushing for work and as I stated above, I'm aiming for reality here.

First thing I do is apply a good foundation, especially if I know that I'm going to be at work for 8+ hours and I need something reliable. So today I used my Maybelline Super Stay Foundation in the color 'nude'. I hear that this is their most popular shade, because the range only has about 5-6 colors to choose from and this one is the most versatile. I completely agree, this blends into my skin beautifully covering up some imperfections yet still allowing my skin to breathe.

Second thing I do is tame my brows. I use a regular dark brown eye shadow- this routine changes constantly but my brows pretty much always end up the same. On occasion if I have an extra minute I'll go over them with Maybelline's brow gel.

For shadow I'm using a standard NYC eye quad that consists of neutral colors which are what I tend to lean on most when I have to go to work. These colors are not extremely pigmented but lately I've just been reaching for this palette like crazy because it just gets the job done.

To complete my eye look I trace my water line with a black eyeliner pencil from a company called 'Starlet' and then apply one coat of both Maybelline's Mega Plush & Colossal Mascaras.

A step that I barely ever miss is concealing/highlighting. Again, the concealer used to do this process changes all of the time but for the past couple of weeks I have been OBSESSED with Maybelline Instant Age rewind in the lightest shade. It gives me extra coverage AND highlights all in one.

Next, I bronze and color my cheeks with Benefit Hoola (I use this everyday and I still  have not hit pan on it, Amazing right? ) and NYX blush in Mauve.

Lastly, what I consider to be the most important step: my lips. I line a little outside of my natural lip line with MAC's Whirl and then fill them in with MAC's Cosmo. This lip combo is perfection and long wearing.

And, voila I no longer look like a corpse!

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