Monday, July 14, 2014

Sample Savy - To Buy or Not to Buy


Am I the only one who has bought the full size of something, used it a few times and then put it somewhere under my bathroom sink because I just decided I didn't like it anymore?
I was perusing the beauty isle at my local store a few weeks ago and I found myself wanting to Try some new products but not necessarily wanting to buy the full size of it just yet- time and time again I have bought something that didn't cost a whole lot but just really did not like and kept it stored in my bathroom until I finally decided to throw it out a good while later. Even if all it cost me was $5 or $6 it still kind of hurts to throw out something completely full just because I didn't like the feel, texture, scent, etc..
Sometimes I'll even force myself to get through it for the sake of not throwing it away but really, its just as painful.
So, I decided to steer away from the full sized products and headed towards the travel/sample sized ones and picked up 3 little babies that seemed to interest me most.
Now obviously I have three very different products in the picture above and you're probably thinking "why the heck did she buy a mini toothpaste?" Well believe it or not I have been looking at this 'Be Dynamic' toothpaste ever since it came out about 5-6 months ago and I am SO happy I never bought the full size! This toothpaste is mint/lemon flavored and it claims to whiten and refresh your teeth. While I do think it does that, the taste is something I just cannot get by. It brought back horrible memories of when I was a child and my mother would buy those fun Barbie Toothbrushes and matching Toothpaste what tasted like bubblegum and every morning and every night she would have to sit there whilst I brushed my teeth to remind me not to swallow it. The taste was so good that All I wanted to do was eat it and it was a serious fight against my will. This brought back allll of those memories; I just wanted to eat the toothpaste and I figured I'm too old for this already I just need standard peppermint and I'm good to go, I'm no longer a five year old. lol

On the other hand The Clean and Clear Morning Burst scrub is something I am defiantly going to repurchase! I notice a difference in my skin after I wash it in the morning with the smoothness on the surface and the subtle radiant glow that it gives. I look forward to using it every morning because I know that even if I'm dead tired the smell of ginseng will definitely wake me up. It is so smooth and fun this product is ridiculously inexpensive for all of the things that it does. I actually consider this to be a little bit of energizing aromatherapy in the morning. Honestly just love it. And I think you will too!

I am a body wash hoarder and fanatic but when I saw this I couldn't help myself from picking it up. I absolutely love St. Ives facial skin care but If I'm honest I'm having a real hard time getting through this little sample of body wash. Maybe it's just the scent that annoys me but I actually don't feel like it cleanses my skin all that well- it lathers perfectly but when I get out of the shower My skin feels moisturized for about a minute and then it bounces back to being dry which makes me question if the soap is even reaching deeper into my skin or just scratching the surface. I would recommend this if you're on vacation for a week and you want to have a 'beachy' scent while you're there but afterwards the oatmeal scent gets pretty annoying. I've been using the sample off and on now for two weeks and I think I'm just going to put it in my hand soap dispenser.

All in all I will repurchase one of these products the other two can kick the curb.
I hope these mini reviews were helpful!

What are some products you've bought and just did not like?

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