Friday, October 24, 2014

My Go-To Fall Outfit | Day & Night

Hello, Everyone! Today was the absolute perfect day for this outfit so I am SO happy that I trusted my instincts and waited until today to shoot these pictures, (well my mom did) - Thank You, Mom.

Unfortunately I was running a little behind schedule and I didn't want to take these pictures right in the middle of the afternoon so I scrambled out of the house with my camera in hand and when I got to the location MY MEMORY CARD WAS MISSING. I had to shoot these on my iPhone, and although they're not up to par with the vision I had in mind I hope that the quality is still good enough to inspire your outfits, because after all that's the point of these :)

So This little black dress was an amazing steal I grabbed onto at Marshall's for $12 and if you go now, you'll probably still be able to find one similar to it. My shoes are from YEARS ago but I take really good care of them and they have proved true to me season after season.

My Coach bag was a present, but I believe it is from the 2013 Fall Collection, It is completely leather so it's more on the pricier side but if you're on the hunt for a medium sized satchel that is durable I would recommend this one or one similar to it. Coach is pretty consistent on their equestrian style designs during Fall which I am amazed with.

Okay so here's the fun part ladies, If you're anything like me and you're pretty caught up with time but don't want to be seen wearing basically the same thing, something that I do ALL the time is switch up my accessories or maybe even add some.

With this look I decided to switch up my shoes to the cute little booties that I showed you all a few posts back, and I added this faux leather jacket that I got at Sears a year ago for $8 ! Yes, I said $8!

So hopefully this gives you a little bit of style inspo and if you're wondering, I'm wearing the My basic MK watch, and My flowery gold bracelet from Charming Charlie.

Foundation: YSL Le Taint Touché Éclat
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette
Lips: MAC Diva

I hope you all have an amazing, crazy, and safe weekend!

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