Friday, November 7, 2014

A Friend & an Unconventional Outing

 We set our sights on the sunset and sparked the mood with Taylor Swift's chart topping album 1989. We spoke about love, life, and the difference between finding love before you live your life and finding love while living it.
Sounds complicated, right?
It wasn't.
Sometimes the most unconventional places and conversations have the ability to make us feel the most comfortable, even if the words that are being spoken are honest and raw. Because in a way, the words that are spoken while a person is in a fragile state aren't a sign of weakness; it's curiosity trying to seep its way through the layers that we've sheltered it from.

Trying to step out of the world that surrounds us is complicated- especially when there are so many things that get in the way of us doing so ex. Jobs, school, etc. 
But it's imperative that we find the time to do so anyway.

 We've had the same conversation for years it seems. It's kind of our thing. We talk, vent, yell, until it's all out and then we pick up one another's pieces and try to place them all back together even though we are both going through 90% of the same thing.

 This time was different, Maybe it was the fact that we'd spoken about the same thing so many times before or maybe it was the scenery.
But something finally clicked- for the both of us.

We figured out that life isn't about waiting for things to happen to us or be given to us.
It's about fighting to have what you want and even after you have it, fight to keep it.
Fear is the biggest misconception.
We have made ourselves believe that fear is what's in the way of us doing what we want to do.
But, shouldn't it be the other way around?
Shouldn't fear fuel our desire to want to succeed, to want to do more?
And that's what was said.

Disclaimer: My mother is the primary photographer for most of these pictures with the exception of a couple that were shot by yours truly. These photographs are completely raw, unedited, un-formatted. Shot at 5:30 pm in natural lighting. The conversations were real.

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  1. Wow, this looks incredible! Your photos are amazing!