Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cozy & Productive Day-In | Elizabeth Martinez

Hi, Beautiful people of the Internet!

I am so happy to have a day off from college today being as it is the day before thanksgiving, they generously gave us an extra day away :)

The weather is sadly a bit gloomy today so the original plan I had for today which was to film a video has been postponed until tomorrow. And THAT means that I have a jam-packed schedule from morning to night as the filming, editing, and uploading process is quite literally a day's work.

Still, I'm super excided to do that because It will be my first fashion video on my channel! If you want to check out my previous videos here is the link :

So, Today Instead I'm just getting a few things done around the house, clutter makes me feel a little disoriented. And I am making a few lists of things that I need to do in the upcoming weeks like blogging and video ideas, as well as reading up a few magazines, strolling through my social media, and taking some serious care of my skin.

I really need to learn how to use my camera. I know that sounds really weird but I purchased a DSLR and it still looks like I'm using a point and shoot when I film. Maybe its the lighting. But I'm still using today to better educate myself.

ALSO, I am so excited for Black Friday! Ulta and Sephora are having some pretty great deals and I am really excited to see what Bath and Body works is offering :)

Well, that's all the news for today!

I know that this is just a stopping in kind of post but there's not much I can do with the weather being the way it is :/

If you feel like chatting you can find me on my social media
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I hope you all have an awesome day!

All The Love, xxx

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