Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happiness is A Journey, Not a Destination

Hi, Everyone!
I Hope that whoever you are, you're currently experiencing a lovely day and a heck of a lot better weather than I am!
-Lately I have been thinking a lot about myself (which I haven't been able to do in a long time) and I've been going back and forth on what it means to me, to be happy. Like, what is my raw definition of happiness, or what types of things, people, or activities, genuinely bring me joy.
I know this varies for everyone and I don't want to write up an extremely long post but one of the things that I loved right off the bat about blogging was my ability to just sit down and jot down all of my thoughts. Which brings me to the first thing that makes me happy: Blogging.
I love spending hours planning content, taking photographs, writing word for word descriptions and then hitting that publish button after I am absolutely positive that I am proud to call that work 'mine'. One of the greatest things that have happened to me in these last couple of months is setting up a blogging schedule. As an aspiring writer, this gives me the kind of discipline I need to stay on track.
Another journey that I've recently embarked on is creating regular content on my Youtube Channel. I've been watching videos since I was 13 years old and finally at 19, I decided to upload one of my own. I don't really have high hopes for it just because I know how hard it is to get noticed, but I love creating content and I honestly cannot wait to start playing around more with software, lighting, and ideas. One of my greatest accomplishments is when I picture something in my mind and deliver it just as I saw it through photographs and blog posts, and now through Youtube I will be able to do that more vibrantly.
I've always known that I am not one to work a 'regular' job as everyone else does, but I am considering doing that now in order to invest more into my hobbies which in this case are blogging, youtube, and photography.
As an introvert, I don't really get around much which means that most of my hobbies include things done from the comfort of my own home and we all know how expensive that can be.
One thing that I have most definitely set my mind on is taking a gap in my education. I've taken one before, and I loved going back to college with a new perspective. But, things happen in life that make us lose our sights and I'm finding it imperative that I take another break in order to to re-access my educational goals.
So, now at almost twenty I sit here with My journal, my planner, and my favorite cd debating all of my options for the future.
Will it be UNI? Will it be a 9-5? Will it be backpacking? Will it be finally sitting down and writing my very own book?
I don't know but I am so excited to find out. 

All The Love, xxx

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