Monday, November 24, 2014

Products I Regret Buying | November 2014

Hi, Guys!

So I planned on Vlogging and Blogging since last Thursday but for some reason my WIFI was just not cooperating with me and I had to wait until today to post both a Video and a Blog all in One. And after watching the video I JUST posted for some reason I got cut off at the end which is super weird but luckily none of the actual content was misplaced.

Here are the Products that I regret buying, I know there are only six of them but that's because I typically enjoy my products to the fullest and it's very rare that I don't like them. Just because they didn't work for me doesn't mean they wont work for you So with that said, if you would like to hear my thoughts on these products here is the link :

And here is the Video :)

All The Love, xxx

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