Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nice is Just A Place In France | Thoughts & Review


As an almost Twenty year old, ambitious Female I often crave different genres of books that a) put me in the place of a fictional character who is in a dystopian society or b) make me feel good about my non-fictional self.
Part b is the kind of book that I opted for this time.
And this so though Gem is Called: Nice, is Just a place in France.
When I read the First chapter as a sampler online I was instantly hooked because I really did feel like I was reading about myself.
This books catch phrase is: How to win at basically everything.
and it's written by a group of girls called "The Betches" who claim to be sophisticated, modern, insightful, and fun.

 It contains pretty inspirational quotes and topics on almost every other page like the one shown above taken from a scene in Clueless. I've mentioned before on here How I never took school seriously and I talked my way through anything so you can clearly see here how I can relate to this book.

Until I got to this part in the 2nd or 3rd chapter and that's where everything went down hill. In the beginning of the book they placed a snotty disclaimer about how people shouldn't take offense to this, or whatever. (as they would say) But it still does not give them the right to make a vast majority of women feel like complete and utter crap just because they don't fit in with their idea of beauty.

I picked up this book thinking that it would make me feel empowered as I suspect that many people will pick up this book for, I didn't do it for self help- I don't need that.

So, the sheer thought of a heavy set woman feeling bad-ass and wanting to read something that will make her feel even more bad-ass, picking up this book and reading how she isn't beautiful and should stick to a diet containing:
- Froyo
-Diet Coke
is repulsive.

This book was written to make women feel bad about themselves so that the so called (Authors) would feel better about their Bulimia and Anorexia as well as their daddy issues, and the fact that they didn't get through college due to their good grades.

Ridiculously overpriced at $20, I wouldn't even consider buying this book.
I guess I'm Just not a Betch.
All the Love, xxx

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