Saturday, November 1, 2014

OOTD | For an Interview + Announcement

Hello, Everyone!

So, as you may know I left my job of a year and a half on October 15th because I was just sick of it and wanted change.

About a week later I started freaking out because I've had a steady and reliable income for all of these months and now I'm just kind of floating...

Until Friday.
 I got a job interview, dressed up real nice, showed up to the place, heard what they had to say, and ended up declining their offer and returning home.

In that moment I remembered how I felt in my old job and I imagined what my attitude would be if I worked there, and I came to the conclusion that accepting that job offer would have been like throwing away all of my personal pep-talks and my desire to want MORE in life.

I got home touched up my make up and shot an OOTD because when in doubt... Blog.

This outfit is very versatile- I chose to wear it to an interview because I didn't want to look like everyone else with the standard black pants and white top so I mixed up my choices a little bit and decided to trust Fat Amy: Business at the top, party at the bottom.

I love this outfit because you can wear it day or night, accessorize it up or down, and you can change it up with vibrant colors or keep it muted with black and white.
This was created with a business purpose in mind, but after the interview had finished I didn't want to change out of it because it made me feel really empowered and that is what we want after all, right?
I hope this post helps you all on your business days, regular days, or fun nights out!
I know I don't usually post on Saturdays but I only posted once last week and I didn't want to wait until Monday to show this outfit to you!
Regular posing schedule will be back Next Week- Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
I have started a Youtube Channel for the things that are a bit harder for me to show via Photographs so If you would like you can go check me out and subscribe, Hopefully I'll be posting every Tuesday and Thursday.
You can look me up with my standard Blogging name which is LiveLizLove
Here is my First Video:

I will see you guys next time xxx

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