Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Beauty Wishlist | Elizabeth Martinez

Hello, pretty lady!

Do you ever sit an wonder how much money you've spent on "makeup kits" or "makeup pallets" thinking that you're getting a better deal instead of spending that hefty amount on the ONE product you actually really, really want?

I can honestly say that for the longest time I have been committing the exact same mistake.

Just last month I was desperate for a new bronzer and for years I have been saying that when I buy my first high end bronzer it will either be Laguna by Nars or Hoola by Benefit. What did I do, you ask? Oh you know, I bought Too Faced limited edition holiday kit that brought three unnecessary eye shadow palettes, 2 blushes, 2 bronzers, and a mascara. WOW BUT THAT WAS WORTH IT (you're thinking.)

NO. IT WASN'T. The eye shadows are chalky, the blushes are too shimmery, and the bronzers make me look muddy.

Lesson learned.

So in honor of my enlightenment I have dedicated a post to my honest wish list.

What are some products you've been lusting after?
All the Love, xxx

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