Monday, December 1, 2014

Good Afternoon, December + Motivational Monday: Did I Choose Work or College?

-My Decision

-Goals: So, for the month of December I have a few goals that I really want to focus on, the first one being- Improving my personality. I have a nasty habit of getting upset when I'm feeling really stressed and it's something that I really need to work on. Obviously, this will take longer to accomplish than the month of December but I'm very determined to see some kind of difference within myself. That being said, my goal(s) within that particular goal are:

             -Exercising (Specifically yoga because I used to do it regularly and would feel
              fantastic after every workout.)
             -Expressing myself
             -Finding things that will distract me
             -Eliminate all unnecessary aspects of my life that cause me stress.

-Events: An event that is coming up in just THREE DAYS is my cruise! Yes! I am so incredibly excited to take a mini vacation I feel like I haven't taken a break of some sort in months! It is just a 3 three day cruise to the Bahamas but still, I will be able to spend time with friends and family and that's all that matters to me. Another event that I am possibly even more excited about is the end of my fall semester of college! I have to admit this semester was an absolute drag and I couldn't find myself caring about my classes which leads to the next segment of this post: My Decision.

-My Decision: Did I choose work or college? After months and months of analyzing the pros and cons of both options, I chose to go to work. I am too fascinated with the idea of evolving, to be stuck in a classroom for 4 hours a day when I know for a fact that I could be working a full time 9-5, then go home and work on my passion which is Blogging and Youtube. Surprisingly, I have been absolutely loving filming videos but both things require some kind of investments. Which is another reason why the job is higher up on my list of things I need.

I hope you all have a fantastic month! I have some great posts and videos planned out for us and I can't wait to share!
Comment down below what your plans for December are!

All the Love, xxx

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