Monday, December 15, 2014

Design Inspiration for My Future Place | Elizabeth Martinez

First of all, I would just like to start off by apologizing for my lack in posts. I mean 10 days without putting anything on this blog is just absolutely unacceptable but also unintentional. When I returned from my short vacation I had so many ideas for posts and videos and I am still really excited but unfortunately my lens broke and I have been waiting ever since for my new ones to get in from the post. Although purchasing a lens did set me back some, financially I was happy to do so for the love of my hobbies. I should be receiving them any time today or tomorrow!

To keep me entertained while literally being camera-less I have been inspecting the world of interior design. Being that I am turning 20 in nearly a month I decided that I want to keep changing and improving my life. With that comes getting my own place and I could not be happier. I have already made my first trip to Ikea, picked up a few bits to make it all seem real, and then ran home to further take notes inside of my catalog. I feel like I know the direction that I want to go in and I really cannot be happier.

So, today I'm going to show you all the direction in which I want to take my bedroom.
Very minimalistic, modern, yet comforting.

I definitely want to center the color scheme around whites and greys as that makes the space that I would be working with appear to be larger than it really is.

What are your favorite Designs or inspirations?

All the Love, xxx

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