Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Stationary Haul! | Elizabeth Martinez

I'll just say this while I'm ahead... Target's Dollar Spot is my favorite spot. Like it is THE spot to be at. I love digging through the piles of stuff looking for a goodie to take home, but I especially love it when they have cute stationary things that look a bit vintage.

You can only imagine the Self control I had to exercise when I saw all of my favorite things in front of me so I decided to go with the things that I actually knew I would use.

If you don't know so already, My dream is to become an author and to create a stationary line. I think that the OCD part of my brain is wired to want to own one.

With that being said aren't the things that I picked up the absolute cutest?!

I ended up choosing:
- 2 Thin notebooks
- 4 pens
- 8 Mechanical lead pencils
- 2 packs of thank you cards
- 1 Metallic Ink pad that says "With Love"

My favorites being the Thank You cards and the Stamp pad

I love stopping by this spot when I first go into target because I always end up picking up so many fun things for such an inexpensive price!

All the Love, xxx

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