Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Empties | #1

When I decided to start saving my trash to show the general public- I was actually really excited to do it; most of the time people say that they enjoy doing 'Empties' posts because they get to give good & Honest reviews which is true but that's not necessarily the motivational factor behind mine.
Being a blogger, or being someone that is generally interested in trying products for the hell of it is probably the most fun part of my day. But, I sometimes forget how much money actually goes into my hobby so I decided to do empties posts in order to encourage myself to actually get through the products I was excited about for a solid week and a half and then just tossed into my pile.
A lot of face-palming also goes into these posts as I recall every interesting or not so interesting product that I have used up and did not include for example my gazillion candles, eye makeup removers, etc.
Just know that I'm mentally prepared for the next one.
Recently I've used quite a bit of stuff (for me anyway).
I used to be in love with the Aveeno Night cream because of its delicious smell and I honestly noticed a difference in my skin but I feel like with all good things they must sadly come to an end and towards the end of this products life I just didn't notice that it was doing anything for me anymore; I just used it up because I didn't want to toss it without completely using it. Especially since it is one of the pricier products in the drugstore- I believe that this cost me around $17-21.

Bath and Body Works candles are my life line; I depend on them for serenity and a fresh smelling home which is why when I took a sniff out of Paris Daydream I completely fell in love and bought two. Every time I smell this candle it makes me wish I was a princess. So fresh and feminine.

Simple Cleansing Wipes. Need I say more? I have tried the Neutrogena ones and I enjoyed them but the simple ones take the cake in my opinion. They are so smooth and refreshing I sometimes just wipe my face with them in the middle of the day even if I'm not wearing any make up- simply for the cooling effect.

The Ion Inspired by Nature Intense Hydrating Masque was just like any regular conditioner to me as opposed to actual masques that I own. It was a bit thicker but when applied to the hair it felt just the same. I don't feel like it improved or worsened my hair. This product isn't anything that I can't live without.

Same goes for the Dove Shampoo although I will say that it made my hair smell really good and clean! My boyfriends mom actually left it in my shower and I decided to use it up instead of letting it go to waste.

On the other hand, she also left the White Musk Body Wash from The Body Shop and I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS STUFF. I will always and forever buy this. It's a sophisticated, sexy, and empowering scent. Honestly this should be considered as aromatherapy.

And lastly, Victoria's Secret body wash in Sky Bright; I enjoyed using the product because it lathered well but I used it up fairly quickly and I'm not sure why. Usually it takes me a while to get through them but this literally lasted like 3 weeks. I think I will repurchase it if it's on sale one day but I'm not going to haul ass to the store and pick one up immediately.

Hope you enjoyed, my garbage!

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