Saturday, July 26, 2014

Another Necessary MAC Haul, for obvious reasons


A few days ago a friend of mine and I decided to go to the mall and buy ONE specific lipstick each, she was after Ruby Woo which is my personal favorite and I was after Candy Yum-Yum which is hers.
Due to the fact that we had to travel an hour to go to the Mall that carries MAC anyway, we decided to stop by the CCO that was just ten minutes away, and I basically hit the jackpot.
I knew when I woke up that morning that I was not going to just buy ONE lipstick because that it impossible, irresponsible, and kind of unethical- just think of how much gas we spent for a lipstick, I mean come on.
So, we entered the CCO and I found 4 things that I really, wanted. I've been on a 'Nude' kick recently just because I'm kind of obsessed with Lottie Tomlinson's Lip combination which I haven't exactly figured out how to recreate yet, basically she uses a mauve lip liner, a darker lip color in the corners and then a nude color in the center of her lips creating a highlight and contoured effect. If you don't follow her on Instagram go do it right now so we can all be obsessed together.
I was going to purchase Angel at the MAC store regardless but when I found it at the CCO store I was literally overjoyed, and THEN I found Peachstock which is like the perfect nude for me because it has a brown undertone that compliments my olive skin tone without washing me out like other nudes tend to do.
The cool thing about my finds is that they're both part of the permanent collection, they were just overstocked I guess and I found them for $5 cheaper. Total Steal.
When I finally did make it to the MAC store, I finally purchased Candy Yum-Yum and I also really fell in love with Kinda Sexy, I had a mini heart-attack when I went home and re-opened them because I hadn't realized how similar Angel, and Kinda Sexy were but thankfully they both apply, and appear completely different, which you can see down below.

Another Lipstick that I really wanted was Morange, but luckily I found the lipglass at the CCO, and I remembered that I already have a similar lipstick so I settled my craving with just the gloss. The pigmentation is OUT OF THIS WORLD. I applied it without anything underneath and I am dying over how brilliant it looks.

Please excuse the Candy Yum-Yum swatch that won't go away.

As you all saw in my previous MAC haul post, I have been trying to build a custom color quad from MAC with colors that I will actually use and I finally completed it by purchasing Cranberry and Steamy. Cranberry is probably one of the most pigmented eye shadows I've ever swatched and I fell in love with steamy the second I saw it because it has a really cool undertone than would look absolutely beautiful as an all over lid color with a medium brown in the crease.

I was going to buy the Lustre Drops at the store when I read online that this product had been discontinued, I was really upset because I've wanted it for so long, and when I found it at the CCO my eyes grew larger than my face and my heart palpitated. So happy.

I wanted a really small palette that I can have with me on-the go in my car because I can't tell you how many times I've been presented with an opportunity to do something and realized that I'm completely bare faced and look tragic. So I'm trying to put together a really small compact bag filled with the products that will make me look alive, but wont take up too much space. This is from the Fall 2013 collection called 'Devilishly Dark' and it basically has the four most perfect colors in the world that I can create so many looks with, day or night.

And that is all! I definitely will not be buying makeup for a long time after this trip, I kind of have everything I want for a while. You guys will be saying another makeup haul soon but that was purchased about a month ago and I've been waiting to post it because I want to give you all reviews on the products as well :)

I hope you all enjoyed it

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