Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Favorites | Beauty | Accesories


Fall/Autumn, is and will always be my favorite time of year. Whenever It comes around I become overly excited with the colors, themes, and coziness that it gives off and year after year I find that this is always the particular moment where I take time to analyze who I am and where I want to be.
Although I struggle with creating "Favorites Posts" on a regular basis due to my semi-large collection of things and my insistence on routinely changing the products I use in order for them all to get their fair share- I don't however struggle with creating a solid post in the Fall. I just LOVE everything about bold, dramatic artistry and what better way to exhibit your passion than on your face, right?

I am currently obsessed with the Taylor Swift "Wonderstruck Enchanted" scent because it's soft and girly. Since the air tends to become thicker in the cooler months I try to stay away from strong, Musky scents knowing that I'll be around other people. I've had this little charm for around two weeks now and I wear it everyday, many people have complimented me since then which certifies that I made a wise purchase :) 

I just need to say that after purchasing this foundation I don't think that I will ever stop repurchasing. This has changed my entire life and I am so thankful that I FINNALY splurged. This is the Yves Saint Laurent Le Taint Touché Éclat foundation which retails for $57. Yes the price is a downside but this water based foundation is phenomenal for people who have drier skin. One pump will get you a light coverage with a dewy finish, and two pumps will get you medium coverage, with your imperfections blurred, and a beautiful dewy finish that does not make your face look oily whatsoever. If you do have oily skin this foundation might be a bit too dewy for you and will accentuate your oily spots rather than illuminate your face.  

During Fall and Winter my house will smell like some sort of man; although I don't like having musky scents on me whilst I'm around other people I do appreciate a good man scented room when I walk in. Black Tie and Mahogany Teakwood are my two all time favorite scents that I hoard until fall and Winter arrive. Today I'm only showing you Black Tie because It's the one I burn the most during fall, and as you can see I'm down to my medium sized candles and I only have one of these left before I completely run out (I'm hoping that the winter scents come out soon so I can stock up again).

I usually go for gold jewelry year-round but during Fall especially I feel it REALLY makes a statement on absolutely everyone. My go-to gold pieces at the moment consist of my two tone Michael Kors watch in Gold and Silver with the jewel detailing on the edge, and a little dainty flower bracelet that I think stack perfectly together, although I do change the bracelet every now and then. This is a perfect duo that accompanies any outfit perfectly whether I'm going to class in the morning or to a nice Restaurant at night. 

As stated previously I am utterly obsessed with bold makeup for fall, I think that a strong contour, some cat eyes and most importantly a dark lip are must haves and my favorite lip shade right now has been this MAC matte lipstick called 'Diva' which I believe is a holy grail for the majority of the members on the internet-Beauty community. Unlike Ruby Woo, this Matte color is not overly drying and has a really good lasting power which is impressive because most dark lipsticks just tend to go everywhere rather than stay on the actual place they're intended to be on- your lips. 

I am totally guilty of purchasing shadows and then neglecting them but this is the Urban Decay Vegan palette that I purchased when I first started blogging around two years ago and it is still one of my favorites. For some reason I never use a brush when I utilize this palette because the colors are so stunning that I want the true pigmentation to appear on my eyes. The bottom three are my favorite for everyday use.

Anastasia Dip Brow is one of those products that I have been eyeing for a very long time  but never bought and then surprisingly enough it was gifted to me one day by a dear friend while we were out shopping. I suppose she saw the lust I had for it better than I could feel it for myself. I don't know how I ever lived without this baby. My brows have never appeared so perfect and I swear to you they are waterproof. I wonder if this would make a good eye-liner? 

Long, long, long ago I used my very first 100 point perk from Sephora on a sample of this High Impact Clinique mascara, fell in love with it, and never bought the full size. Recently though I was out shopping with a friend and I decided to buy it on a whim. I forgot how much I really enjoyed this product and the dazzling effect it gives my lashes.
These are all of my fall faves and I hope you all enjoyed it! I'm not going to be doing a fall segment because I feel that living in Florida is a bit of Debby downer for fall fashion. I can sit here and show you all my favorite pieces but I doubt that I'll actually be wearing them especially since the weather is SO bipolar here. I rather save my pieces and show them off to you all in OOTD's which I know you wont mind.
I hope you're all enjoying your lazy Sunday's xxx

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