Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Morning Skincare


Have you ever found something that really works for you? Like, it doesn't break you out, or clog your pores, or irritate your skin? yeah me either. Until I found these gems.
Being an overly enthusiastic skincare junkie, you can only imagine how much product is actually hoarded in my beauty arsenal and it's really quite shocking how many of those products I don't even enjoy.
I'm not saying that their crap products or that they are the worst things I've ever spent my money on, but the products shown above really put the others I have to shame.

1) Everyone and their mother has heard of the infamous Purity cleanser from Philosophy and I can honestly say that this product will never be overly hyped. It doesn't claim a million and one things it just states that It will clean your face, and bam- just like that, it does.  Its simple. No rocket science formula as far as I'm concerned, which backs up everyone's positive review of this product in social media, everyone with all skin types can use this product. Absolutely Amazing.

2) I don't have acne prone skin, but I am a victim of hormonal acne and for years I have struggled with controlling it. Is it just me or do you all get your lady friend and break out when you have something really important to do, too? It is the absolute worst. A few months back I was killing some time in between classes and I decided to just browse the skincare at Walgreens when I saw the Clearasil Daily Clean Pads to battle and prevent acne. Based on the price of these pads which were around $5 I was hesitant to try them especially since I really wanted to try the ones from First Aid Beauty which cost about 6x the price. After about a week of using these, my skin changed dramatically, I used to have small bumps on the oilier spots on my face and they all just disappeared. What a difference with the appearance of my makeup!

3) Another product that doesn't claim a million things is the Hydrating Mask from the Elizabeth Arden line. It quite literally just claims to moisturize your face, which of course is absurd since masks are supposed to dry up your face but I am not lying when I tell you that my face gets as soft as a babies bum. A must try!

4) Lastly, I'm not a big fan of moisturizers in the morning because I'm usually running late as it is and I don't really have time to wait until my moisturizer sets for me to apply makeup. So, on the same day in which I purchased the Clearasil pads I also bought the Olay 2-1 daily serum with anti aging benefits. As stated in a previous post I like creams and moisturizers that are anti aging because they tend to be more moisturizing and this product is very moisturizing but sets in about the time it takes me to walk from my bathroom to my room which is convenient.

These are just the products that work for me and although I can,t confirm that they'll work for you as well- I am pretty confident that they would because they are classified as 'basic' skincare. Nothing too crazy or complicated.

What are your favorite skincare products? xxx

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