Thursday, October 9, 2014

They All Mean Something | My Story Playlist

One of the greatest joys in my life is finding a musical artist that I can truly connect with, one who sings and says things that inspire me personally and creatively and who quite simply.. Just keeps getting better.

Yes, I realize that some of the 8 artist I will list down below have become ridiculously popular within the last couple of years and No, that is not the reason why I love them.

I have been obsessed with Ed Sheeran since the moment Harry Styles mentioned him on Twitter. Infatuated with Sara Bareilles's voice since her song 'Gravity' was featured in a heart wrenching and strategically emotional performance on "So You Think You Can Dance". And imprisoned by Colbie Caillat's lyrics since I mistakenly downloaded her very first album into my crappy, $23 MP3 player, and stumbled upon her 2 minute song called "Capri."

The truth, and the reasoning behind this post is, we all have intimate details of our lives that somehow become our story, and when it comes down to it we suck at saying it ourselves because our sentences don't make sense and our words turn into mumbles. Sooner or later, we feel that the story we have been dying to spill out becomes a waste of time because it's hard for us to imagine that anyone in this miniscule world would ever be interested in our most profound thoughts.

Because this is partly a Lifestyle blog and because I want this to be a space where there are no barriers or secrets, I've decided to share with you some details of my story through the songs that gave me hope and said "It's Okay, Really."

1. Taylor Swift- Fifteen (I would have never made it through high school without this)
2. Colbie Caillat- Battle
3. Sara Bareilles- City
4.Ed Sheeran- Kiss me
5. Gavin Degraw- I don't want to be (Because One Tree Hill was, and is, my life)
6. Sara Bareilles- Uncharted (Really listen to this one, its Gold)
7. One Direction- More Than This
8. Miranda Lambert- Over You
9. Taylor Swift- All Too Well (The song that Finally made me realize it's okay to have memories)
10. One Direction- Little Things
11. Ed Sheeran- You Need Me I Don't Need You
12. Kings of Leon- Use Somebody
13. Ed Sheeran- Photograph
14. One Direction- Don't Forget Where You Belong
15. Colbie Caillat- Try (Song of the year)
16. Taylor Swift- Shake It Off
17. Taylor Swift- Mean (Reminds of how cruel people are, and how free I want to be)

Yes, all artists are pretty much the same but if you know me, you know that these are the ones I mostly listen to.

I do Plan on doing some play lists for different moods, Seasons, people, etc. because Music does speak louder.


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