Friday, October 10, 2014

I'll Wear Black on Everything

Black is the shade that my closet cannot take enough of, no matter the season black will always be incorporated in my outfit because it just works; it makes me look older, professional, and mature. I may not be all of those things but I'll fake it 'till I make it.
Being a shopaholic is so much more than having an impulse to buy, it's having your mind wander in a million different directions wanting to own the next best thing and quite frankly I think last week I might have bought my favorite Item of the season.
I am currently really loving Danielle Peazer's style (You can check her out on Instagram @dcp1006 or for more detailed posts on her outfits you can visit her blog Idlelane.) I'm actually just captivated by her ability to wear dark colors with such ease, and after shamelessly scrolling up and down through her posts I realized that it's not her entire outfit that is dark, it's just select pieces that she styles to make her outfits come off that way.
So, while I was out shopping last week I made it a point to shop for select pieces that would compliment my outfit instead of overwhelming it.
And I finally found precisely what I had been searching for.
The black Nine West mini back pack just SCREAMS London to me and I feel it would look gorgeous with just about anything but especially well with a fancy jumper and a chunky necklace giving off a chic, school girl vibe.
I've been wearing it just about everywhere and I love the way it stands out from a crowd.

Also from my complimentary pieces was a new pair of heeled booties which I saw and didn't even feel guilty after purchasing because they are the perfect height and the perfect length above my ankle. These will go amazing with tight skinny jeans, rolled up pants, or faux leather shorts paired with some tights.
These seasons (If you haven't been able to tell) make me extremely excited. You can wear as much black as you want, dress as heavily as you want, and still manage to wear dark makeup without looking like a total crazy person. It's wonderful.

I'll be posting many OOTD'S this season hopefully incorporating these babies within them.
What are your favorite Fall/Winter Items?

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