Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One Brand Haul | Rimmel

The other day I was out running errands and felt like spontaneously buying makeup but for once I decided not to venture out through the various isles and just focused on one brand. I'd never done this before so I chose to go with the brand that I knew least about which in this case was Rimmel. The way I went about it was buying enough products from the brand that could potentially create a makeup look and therefore give me somewhat of an idea as to what the overall potential of the brand is. I didn't buy eye shadow because that is the only product from Rimmel that I did previously own and I find it to be pigmented and long lasting although the shimmer in the eye shadows comes off to be too chunky therefore needs to be applied with a light hand.

 I stepped out today for a few hours in the morning and decided to apply all of these products and really test them out in the dry Florida heat and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

I applied the primer all over my face concentrating particularly on my T-zone, cheeks, and chin - placed the concealer under my eyes and on the places where I wanted to highlight - then patted the Stay Matte powder all over. This is something that I wouldn't do if I were going to work or out somewhere for several hours but I would use these steps if I were just running errands like I did today or going off to my college classes.

Afterwards, I applied the Kohl eye liner that came along with the mascara on the outer part of my water line not reaching my inner corner and applied two coats of the mascara. I find that the Lash Accelerator reminds me A LOT of Benefit's "They're real" which is awesome considering that there's a large price difference.

I lined my lips with the "070 Enchantment" lip liner and filled it in with the Kate Moss lip stick in "107". I can tell you right now that I am OBSESSED with this lip combo; I've worn it two days in a row (Last night, and this morning) and it is just so beautiful it makes my lips look juicy and plump and totally ties the whole look together making up for the lack of foundation and blush- which by the way I think Rimmel is the only brand I've seen at the drugstore that does not have blushers. How weird is that?

Top Swatch is the Kate Moss lipstick in '107'
Bottom Swatch is the lip liner in '070 Enchantment'

I'm enjoying testing out this mascara, the formulation is a bit wet but it's something I can get used to considering the volume and length that it adds to my lashes.

I was really impressed with this eye liner when I first swatched it because as you can tell it is very black and the formulation was smooth- I didn't feel it tug my water line.
But when I wore it today I realized about three hours after applying it that it had completely disappeared. It didn't smear anywhere or form those little black spots on the corners on my eyes but it literally just vanished, all that was left was my mascara! I'm upset hat it didn't last but I'm impressed that it didn't smear. Make sense?

Overall I think that this brand is affordable and reliable, the Stay Matte powder along with the primer prevented my face from looking oily, The concealer did not crease, the lipstick did not budge until I ate in the afternoon, and the mascara looked flawless up until a few hours ago that I washed it off with ease.

I plan on doing more hauls like this one both drugstore and high end because it persuades me to try different products from the same brands! It was a lot of fun trying to figure out which products I should buy and I look forward to doing it again really soon :)


  1. I love the stay matte powder! It's really become a summer staple for me! And I need to try out more rimmel lipsticks- the shade you got is so pretty

    1. I have definitely been loving it as well, I wore it for 12 hours today, no retouching, and my skin barely looked oily. It has been saving my life! And thank you, the drugstore I went to didn't have a wide selection but this one, I really, really loved!